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Aberdeen Airport [L]Alderney Airport [S]Barra Airport [S]Belfast Airport [L]Belfast City Airport [L]
Benbecula Airport [S]Birmingham Airport [XL]Blackpool Airport [S]Bournemouth Airport [M]Bristol Airport [XL]
Bristol Filton Airport [S]Cambridge Airport [S]Campbeltown Airport [S]Cardiff Airport [M]Cornwall Lands End Airport [S]
Derry Airport [S]Doncaster Airport [M]Dundee Airport [S]East Midlands Airport [XL]Edinburgh Airport [XL]
Exeter Airport [M]Glasgow Airport [XL]Glasgow Prestwick Airport [L]Gloucestershire Airport [S]Guernsey Airport [M]
Heathrow London Airport [XXXL]Humberside Airport [S]Inverness Airport [M]Islay Airport [S]Isle of Man Airport [M]
Isles of Scilly Airport [S]Jersey Airport [M]Kirkwall Airport [S]Leeds Airport [L]Liverpool Airport [XL]
London City Airport [L]London Gatwick Airport [XXXL]London Kent Airport [S]London Luton Airport [XXL]London Southend Airport [S]
London Stansted Airport [XXXL]Manchester Airport [XXXL]Newcastle Airport [L]Newquay Airport [S]Norwich Airport [M]
Oxford Airport [S]Southampton Airport [L]Stornoway Airport [S]Sumburgh Airport [S]Swansea Airport [S]
Tees Valley Durham Airport [S]Tiree Airport [S]Wick Airport [S]

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